Ground Nut Sorter

We are well known as the reputed organization in this field of operation, engaged in manufacturing wide array of excellent quality Ground Nuts color Sorter Machine . Swan RGB Tri-Chromatic CCD Ground Nut Color Sorter is specialized for the Ground nut Processing industry. The Intelligent RGB Color Sorting Machine uses 5400 Pixel High Resolution Camera for the selection feed color image acquisition and comparison. The system compares rejects and accepts from the image. It will grade all variants Ground nut like Chopped, Diced, Split and whole. Swan Peanut Sorter has a special design for whole peanut to avoid minimum breakage.Compared with manual sorting, the swan RGB Tri-Chromatic Color sorter is faster, more efficient , cleaner and it also will reduce the costs.
  • 5400* 3 pixel RGB CCD Camera Technology
  • Proprietary FPGA based image processing technologies are here to deliver the ultimate sorting accuracy
  • Double side viewing incorporated
  • Embedded system with digital image technology
  • Stable sorter accuracy by improved collection efficiency
  • High power LED illumination
  • Smart Ejector Technology

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